Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Solutions

Mobile Data Terminal solutions from Verge Mobile Data links First Responders on the road to their dispatch centers and departments. Our Mobile Data Terminal solutions make data entry and reporting easy, clear, and concise, directly integrating with existing data solutions by utilizing cellular or radio modems that support TCP/IP protocol.

  • Search results are integrated on one screen for easy viewing.
  • Integrate with your Computer Aided Dispatch system.
  • Call disposition can be entered directly from vehicle.
  • Units can timestamp Enroute, OnScene, Clear, etc.
  • Mapping interfaces provide real-time directions.

Mobile Data Terminals provide invaluable benefits to First Responders that include the following:

  • More timely response to dispatched calls.
  • More accurate and timely information for First Responders.
  • Increased safety of First Responder personnel on-scene and en-route.
  • Remote access to other services, servers, and devices within the department.
  • Mobile printing solutions for on-scene printing needs.

We are technologists that work on your vehicles, not people that work on vehicles trying to figure out your technology. Verge Mobile Data is committed to providing Mobile Data Terminal solutions to our clients that are dependable and increase personnel efficiency.